Colchester Rooms/Age Groups

Bumble Bees/Caterpillars

(0-2 years)

The room is well equipped with natural resources that create a relaxed and holistic atmosphere. The room has lots of space for children to crawl/walk around and learn through play about the environment around them. We offer a range of activities from treasure baskets to various forms of messy play. Each child’s routine is carefully discussed with your child’s assigned key worker to ensure an individual timetable that encompasses your.

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(2 - 3 years)

The children in this group have a planned session of both adult lead and free play activities. The room is designed and set up to give children the opportunity for many varied learning opportunities including role play, creative and quiet areas. Like our Butterflies group, children are introduced to a variety of cultural festivals and other themed days throughout the year with regular activities including dance and movement and cooking/baking..

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(3 – 5 years)

Our aim is to provide children with a sound educational grounding and to ensure a smooth transition when it is time for school with visits from teachers of local schools. The Butterfly room is designed for Pre – school children who are becoming confident in their environment and are inquisitive, imaginative and creative. Staff plan a timetable which reflects children’s interests throughout the year. Creative and artistic activities are further.

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