Halstead Rooms/Age Groups

Bumble Bees

(3 – 14 months)

We offer a safe, warm and secure environment with dedicated and experienced practitioners who are trained to respond warmly to each child’s individual needs. We offer personalised settling in sessions with your child’s dedicated key person so that routines can be individually tailored to suit each child as an individual.

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(14 – 24 months)

We offer a calm, relaxed and happy environment so that all children can play and explore through many varied engaging, creative and educational learning experiences. Experienced staff plan activities that are centred around each child’s needs and capabilities. We believe that by caring for each child’s individual needs, this promotes and nurtures their learning and social interaction.

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(2 – 3 years)

We provide and environment where children’s independence is encouraged, enabling each child to grow in confidence through developing their own abilities. Through the areas of “everyday living” our children play and extend their imagination and social skills. Children learn through play encompassing daily activities such as shape and colour recognition.

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(3 – 5 years)

Children continue to lean through play providing each child with varied opportunities and stimuli to reach their maximum potential. Letters and numbers and more educational methods of learning are offered on a daily basis. The transition to school is aided with excellent communication and visits from teachers at the local primary schools. In addition Ladybirds and Butterflies have access to a dedicated Role play and Messy room which extend imagination.

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